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PCOD Treatment by Homeopathy

PCOD (Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease) is the presence of many cysts or sacs filled with fluid on the ovaries. Hormones are chemical messengers that often trigger other hormones and are needed to the optimum functioning of the body. The hormonal imbalance causes the ovaries to produce excess of male reproductive hormone, androgen. This can lead to abnormal hormone levels, irregular periods, infertility, acne, thinning of hair, depression and facial hair. Regular exercise, eating healthy foods and managing weight are the key to the treatment of PCOD. Treatment depends on symptoms and whether you are planning pregnancy. Hormone therapy can help control the ovary hormones if you aren’t planning pregnancy. PCOD for now is incurable, but timely treatment can reduce symptoms and prevent long term health problems such as diabetics, high blood pressure, heart disease and uterine cancer.

Homeopathy is the best alternative medicine system for treating and managing PCOD. Since homeopathy does not believe in external cause of disease, it starts the treatment from the inside and is different for each person. Homeopathy revives the immune system of the body and revitalizes the system.

Homeo LIFE offers comprehensive treatment for PCOD and has treated numerous patients in the years. If you have PCOD, book an appointment today.

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