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Psoriasis Treatment by Homeopathy


This is a skin disorder characterized by red plaques covered with white scales.

How does Psoriasis occur?

It occurs due to unnatural multiplication of skin cells. Though psoriasis typically appears on the knees, scalp and elbows, it can also affect any part of the body.

Symptoms of Psoriasis

The symptoms of psoriasis can be scaly patches on the skin that can be itchy and painful. They can also bleed. In severe cases, large areas of patches can be formed by irritated skin merging with each other. Disorders and discoloration of fingernails and toenails may also be noticed.

Effects of Psoriasis

Psoriasis can also lead to arthritis, called psoriatic arthritis, associated with debilitating pain and swelling in the joints.

Psoriasis tends to run in the family tree. This condition can be embarrassing and frustrating to say the least, but the flare-ups tend to disappear over a period of time. It has been observed that stress factors play a major role in triggering the episodes of psoriasis.

How can Psoriasis be cured?

Though there is no permanent cure for this condition, proper management and timely interventions can go a long way in warding off this disease. Homeopathy has a very good track record in managing psoriasis. It not only reduces the itchy patches, it also reduces the risk of recurrence.

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